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Human Resource Management Notes

HRM, Human Resource Management
The objective of MBA Human Resource Management Subject is to provide fundamental understanding of Human Resource Management value chain. The subject aims at helping students understand, appreciate and analyze workforce at managerial and non- managerial levels. The Subject also intends to ensure that they develop sound knowledge and critical awareness of issues of theoretical and practical relevance.

This course requires an ability to analyze and understand the concepts and a keen eye for observing how Human Resource Management policies and practises affect organizational working.

Human Resource Management contains five Modules - Linking strategy and HRM in an organizational context, Human Resources in the context of organization’s intrinsic systems, Organizational Performance and HRM, Enhancing HR effectiveness through Training and Development, and Relating Industrial relations With HR.

Module 1: Linking strategy and HRM in an organizational context

  • Changing Business Environment & strategic role of HRM, 
  • HR Strategic Challenges, 
  • Changing Profile of HRM,  
  • Global HRM Practises, and 
  • Strategic Implications of a Dynamic HR Environment.

Module 2: Human Resources in the context of organization’s intrinsic systems

  • Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis, 
  • Recruitment
  •  Employee Testing & Selection, 
  • Placement, and Induction, 
  • Internal Mobility & Separation, and 
  • Establishing HR Information System (HRMIS/HRIS)

Module 3: Organizational Performance and HRM

  • Establishing Performance Management & Performance Appraisal System, 
  • Managing Careers, Compensation & Reward Management, and 
  • Human Resource Accounting and Audits.

Module 4: Enhancing HR Effectiveness through Training and Development

  • Training & Development - Concepts and Need, 
  • Socializing, Orienting, and Developing Employees, 
  • Methods of Effective Training, 
  • Participative Management Employee Empowerment, 
  • Work life balance, and 
  • Building Emotional Bondage.

Module 5: Relating Industrial Relations With HR

  • Understanding Industrial and Employees Relation, 
  • Industrial Relation & it’s Changing Paradigms, 
  • Stake Holders of Employee Relation, 
  • Industrial Relation and their Changing Roles, 
  • Understanding Collective Bargaining, 
  • Conflict/Dispute Resolution, Negotiations, Settlement & Award, 
  • Positive Employee Relations, and
  • Future Issues & Trends in Industrial & Employee Relation.

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