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Advertising Management NotesIntroduction to AdvertisementDefinition and Objectives of AdvertisingFunctions & Classifications of Advertising Advertising Agency and its FunctionsTypes and Structure of modern Ad-agencySelection of Advertising AgencyThe Communication MixBuilding of Advertising ProgramAdvertising AppealsAIDA ConceptAdvertising Media CharacteristicsMedia Planning and SchedulingDAGMAR ApproachAdvertisement Evaluation and TestingRecall Recognition & PersuasionAdvertising BudgetAdministration & Control of BudgetRegulation of AdvertisingEthics in Advertising Marketing Management NotesNature & Scope of MarketingDefinition & Meaning of MarketingNature & Scope of Marketing ManagementMarketing ProcessMarketing Envi…

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PPT - Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
PPT - Business Etiquette
PPT - Business Etiquette II
PPT - Indian Financial System
PPT - International Trade

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