Question - Define the term Green Marketing; and explain why green marketing is important?
Business Economics - Introduction, Meaning, Definition, and Characteristics. An Introduction to EconomicsEconomics affects daily lives of individuals, households, organizations, industries, and nations. Everytime you make decisions like - what to purchase, how much to purchase, how much to save, where to invest, or anything related to best use of your hard-earned salary; you make an economic decision. Everyone wants to get rich, increase their wealth, hold over productive resources, earn more and more profit, raise their standard of living, and make their future secure. Attainment of all this requires proper understanding of economic issues. Therefore, it is important to understand some of the simple economic factors have a bearing on our daily life.
What is Economics? The word Economics originates from the Greek word "Oikonomikos" which can be divided into two parts - "Oikos" which means House, and "Nomos" which means Management. Thus, economics means hou…
The aim of MBA Advertising Management Subject is to acquaint the students with concepts, and techniques; and to give experience in the application of concepts for developing an effective advertising program. 
MBA Advertising management is a four module subject, the first module deals with the general introduction of advertising and its importance, it will also discus the functions in the organization and the main duties of advertising manager. The second module is about Advertising strategies, it will explore the communication mix, creation of advertising program. The third module is about advertising media, it deals with different classification of different media, its planning, scheduling, selection and evaluation. The last module is the management of advertisement , it deals with advertising budget , control and administration, it also covers the social responsibility in advertising.

Module I: Introduction to AdvertisingIntroduction to Advertisement
Definition and Objectives of Adv…
The objective of MBA Human Resource Management Subject is to provide fundamental understanding of Human Resource Management value chain. The subject aims at helping students understand, appreciate and analyze workforce at managerial and non- managerial levels. The Subject also intends to ensure that they develop sound knowledge and critical awareness of issues of theoretical and practical relevance.
This course requires an ability to analyze and understand the concepts and a keen eye for observing how Human Resource Management policies and practises affect organizational working.

Human Resource Management contains five Modules - Linking strategy and HRM in an organizational context, Human Resources in the context of organization’s intrinsic systems, Organizational Performance and HRM, Enhancing HR effectiveness through Training and Development, and Relating Industrial relations With HR.
Module 1: Linking strategy and HRM in an organizational contextThis Module deals with Changing busines…
The purpose of MBA Marketing Management Subject is to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts, strategies and issues involved in the marketing of products and services. 
Marketing Management contains five modules namely Marketing Concepts and Challenges; Marketing Planning and Control; Marketing Mix, Understanding Customer and Marketing Information System; and Marketing Strategies. It explores the following topics in detail; Social Marketing, Marketing Mix, Customer Value, Competitor Analysis, Consumer Behaviour, Demand Forecasting, Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.

Module I: Marketing Concepts & ChallengesNature and scope of Marketing Management,
Definition and Meaning of Marketing,
Nature and Scope of Marketing,
Marketing Process,
Marketing Environment,
Marketing Organisations,
Marketing Challenges,
Concept of Green Marketing,
Concept of Social Marketing,
Concept of Alliance Marketing,Marketing Mix.

Module II: Marketing Planning & ControlMarketing Planning…