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MBA Notes - Advertising Budget and Control

Question - What do you mean by advertising budget and control?

Definition of Advertising Budget
"Advertising budget is an estimated amount an organization decides to invest in its promotional expenditures over a period of time. An advertising budget is the money a company set aside to accomplish its marketing objectives." 

Budget Administration and Control
Budgetary control is the use of the comprehensive system of budgeting to aid management in carrying out its functions like planning, coordination and control.
Advertising budget is directly related to advertising objectives. The advertising budget determines the perimeter of advertising activities of an organization.

Allocation of advertising budget is not enough to achieve advertising objectives. Budget control is equally important. Budget control is periodic comparison of actual level of performance against budgets, and reporting the variances with proper analysis to provide basis for future course of action.


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Advertising Management Notes

The MBA Advertising Management Subject aims to acquaint the students with concepts and techniques and give experience in applying concepts for developing an effective advertising program.  MBA Advertising management is a four-module subject. The first module deals with the general introduction of advertising and its importance. It will also discuss the functions in the organization and the main duties of the advertising manager. The second module is about Advertising strategies, it will explore the communication mix, creation of any advertising program. The third module is about advertising media, it deals with the different classifications of different media, its planning, scheduling, selection, and evaluation. The last module is the management of advertisement, it deals with advertising budget, control, and administration, it also covers the social responsibility in advertising. Module I: Introduction to Advertising Introduction to Advertisement Definition and Objectives