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Marketing Notes - Consumer Buying Behaviour

Question - What do you mean by consumer buying behaviour? Also describe various factors or forces that influences consumer buying behaviour. Answer Introduction In today’s era of the ever changing business environment, many firms strive hard for their sustenance and their stake in the market. With the growing advancement of technology, the growing globalization, increasing socio-economic involvement of businesses in foreign countries and the rising political interference in corporate world, it is becoming very challenging for organizations to manage and develop their business. Customers have a very crucial role in the success of any organization since they are the people who generate revenue for the organization by buying, using and influencing others to buy their products and services. Hence, companies always want to know what makes the customer buy or not to buy their products and services. The perspective of marketing is about creating demand for the organization’s prod

Social Marketing Concept

Question - Define social marketing? Describe the concept of social marketing, and explain social marketing mix. Answer Definition of Social Marketing According to Philip Kotler - Social Marketing is  "the design, implementation, and control of programs seeking to increase the acceptability of  a social idea or practise in a target group" According to W. Smith, Academy for Educational Development - " Social Marketing is a process for influencing human behaviour on a large scale, using marketing principles for the purpose of societal benefit rather than commercial profit." Social marketing is based on tools and techniques of commercial marketing, it uses principles of commercial marketing for the purpose of societal benefit. In social marketing, advertising campaigns are designed, implemented, and controlled by using the principles of commercial marketing. The key features of social marketing are taken directly from commercial marketing, but t