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Marketing Management

The purpose of MBA Marketing Management Subject is to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts, strategies and issues involved in the marketing of products and services. Marketing Management contains five modules namely Marketing Concepts and Challenges; Marketing Planning and Control; Marketing Mix, Understanding Customer and Marketing Information System; and Marketing Strategies.

Advertising Management

The aim of MBA Advertising Management Subject is to acquaint the students with concepts, and techniques; and to give experience in the application of concepts for developing an effective advertising programme.  MBA Advertising management is a four module subject, the first module deals with the general introduction of advertising and its importance, it will also discus the

Financial Management II

The MBA Financial Management II subject contains four modules namely Analysis of Financial Statements, Management of Working Capital, Inventory Management, and Receivables and Cash Management. As a student of MBA, it is expected that you will focus your study on the following; Financial Statements, Funds Flow Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Operations Cash Flow, and uses of the Statements, Ratio Analysis.

Financial Management I

Often said, that finance is the life blood of business. True, as all the activities in the business requires finance. Be it marketing, HR or operations of the business. The utility of proper financial management increases in this way. The major objectives of MBA Financial Management Subject: