MBA Notes - Advertising as Mass Communication and Communication Mix

Question - Elaborate the statement "Advertising is a form of mass communication", and describe the elements of marketing communication mix.


Advertising is a form of Mass Communication

Yes, it is true to say that advertising is a form of mass communication. Advertising is a process of transmission of information by the manufacturer or a seller of a product or service to modify or stimulate the behavior of the buyer to buy a particular product. Advertising can be in any form of presentation such as sign, symbol or illustration in print media, a commercial on radio or television, poster etc. Thus advertising is the communication link between the seller and the buyer.

Advertising is a paid form of a non-personal message communicated through the various media by industry, business firms, nonprofit organizations, or individuals. Advertising is persuasive and informational and is designed to influence the purchasing behavior and/or thought patterns of the audience. 

One of the basic ingredients of today's popular culture is consumption and it is the advertising industry that makes mass consumption possible. Advertising is an important element of our culture because it reflects and attempts to change our life styles.

The advertising message has to reach a billion people, speaking different languages, practicing many religions. Advertisers can reach their audiences through television, radio, cinema, print medium, outdoor advertising, sales promotion and the Internet. Hence, advertising is a form of mass communication.

Marketing Communication Mix

The marketing communication mix is the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relation, and direct marketing a company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives. Elements of the mix are blended in different quantities in a campaign.

Elements of Communication Mix

Marketing communications has a mix. Elements of the mix are blended in different quantities in a campaign. Following are the elements of marketing communication mix:-
  1. Advertising - Advertising is any paid form of  non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.

  2. Personal selling - Personal presentation by the  firm's sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationship.

  3. Sales promotion - Short term incentives to encourage sales or purchases of a product or service.

  4. Public relation - Building good relationship with the company's various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image, and handling unfavorable rumors, stories, and events.

  5. Direct marketing - Direct communication with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain immediate response and cultivate lasting relationship.

  6. Sponsorship - Sponsorship is about providing money to an event, in-turn the product or company is acknowledged for doing so.

  7. E-marketing - Online marketing is also gaining importance these days.

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