Recognition, Recall, and Persuasion

Recognition and Recall are the terms that are heavily used by advertisers in advertising measurement, more specifically in copy testing techniques. Both recognition and recall are
techniques that dredge a consumer's memory for traces of awareness of an advertisement or brand. Recognition is an emotional task, and recall is a logical task. Recognition makes use of the right hemisphere of the human brain concerned with emotional matters, and recall makes use of the left hemisphere, concerned with logical thoughts. Print ads tends to be logical and stimulates the left hemisphere. Television ads tends to be emotional and stimulates right hemisphere. Therefore recognition is the correct method to use for television, and recall is to correct measure for print. Further development in advertising measurement introduced the term 'Persuasion' measure. Persuasion was based on asking consumer about their brand preferences before and after exposure to a commercial. If a shift in preference occurred, this means that the advertisement had persuaded the customer of the merits of the brand.

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