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Advertising Management NotesIntroduction to AdvertisementDefinition and Objectives of AdvertisingFunctions & Classifications of Advertising Advertising Agency and its FunctionsTypes and Structure of modern Ad-agencySelection of Advertising AgencyThe Communication MixBuilding of Advertising ProgramAdvertising AppealsAIDA ConceptAdvertising Media CharacteristicsMedia Planning and SchedulingDAGMAR ApproachAdvertisement Evaluation and TestingRecall Recognition & PersuasionAdvertising BudgetAdministration & Control of BudgetRegulation of AdvertisingEthics in Advertising Marketing Management NotesNature & Scope of MarketingDefinition & Meaning of MarketingNature & Scope of Marketing ManagementMarketing ProcessMarketing Envi…

MBA Notes - Importance of International Marketing

Question - Define International Marketing. Also explain why international marketing is important?Answer
Today, the world is shrinking through technology, and making it easier for marketers to reach global market. Marketing organisations now have to target not just domestic, but international markets.
Definition of International Marketing

According to Cateora and Graham, “international marketing is the performance of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and direct the flow of a company’s goods and services to consumers or users in more than one nation for a profit.”
According to Terpstra and Sorathy, “international marketing consists of finding and satisfying global customer needs better than the competition, both domestic and international and of coordinating marketing activities with in the constraints of the global environment.”
Importance of International Marketing

1. Important to expand target market – Target market of a marketing organisation will be limited if it ju…

Product Mix

Question - What is product mix? Explain product mix decisions.

Marketing Notes - The Marketing Mix

Question - Define the term marketing mix. Explain structure of marketing mix and its elements. Answer The Marketing Mix
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Introduction to Marketing MixDefinition of Marketing MixMeaning of Marketing Mix4P's - Producer-oriented Model4C's - Consumer-oriented Model
Introduction to Marketing Mix Marketing is the process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers' requirements with the purpose to make profits. In this process marketing managers and marketing representatives have to take various marketing decisions to make the operations profitable. They have to decide what combination of marketing policies and procedures be adopted to bring about desired behaviour of trade and consumers at minimum cost. They have to decide how can advertising, personal selling, pricing, packaging, channels, warehousing, and the other elements of marketing be manipulated and mixed to make marketing operations profitable. More specifically, they have to decide a…

Marketing Notes - Product Life Cycle

Question - What do you mean by product life cycle? Explain the major stages of product life cycle.

MBA Notes - Media Characteristics

Question - What is Media? What are Media Characteristics?

MBA Notes - Nature and Scope of Marketing

Question - Define marketing and explain nature and scope of marketing.

MBA Notes - Nature and Scope of International Marketing

Question – Define International Marketing. Explain nature and scope of International Marketing.

MBA Notes - Nature and Scope of Marketing Management

Question- What do you mean by marketing management? Explain nature and scope of marketing management.

Marketing Research Process

Introduction to Marketing Research Research always starts with a question or a problem. The purpose of research is to find answer to the question or solution to the problem through the application of scientific method. Research is a systematic and intensive study directed towards a more complete knowledge of the subject studied. Research in common context refers to a search for knowledge. It can also be defined as a scientific and systematic search for gaining information and knowledge on a specific topic or phenomena.
The aim of marketing management is to satisfy the needs of the consumer. Marketing research helps in achieving this. Marketing research is a systematic and logical way of assessing ways of satisfying customer needs. Marketing Research starts by stating the problem or the issue to be investigated; indicate what kind of information is required to resolve the problem; identify where and how to get it; specify the methodology for analyzing the research findings; sum up the …

Marketing Research

Question - What is Marketing Research? Describe the process of Marketing Research.Answer

Introduction Today, the competition is getting more and more intense day by day, consumption pattern and behavior of consumer is changing very fast. In such environment, organizations face uncertainty and threat in understanding consumer, competitor, and market.
Now the question is, how to understand the consumer, competitor, and market? Solution to this is "Marketing Research". Marketing Research help to understand - the consumer needs and how are they changing? How to meet these changing needs? What do the consumers think about existing products or services? What more are they looking at? What are the competitors doing to retain customers in this environment? Are their strategies exceeding or influencing yours? What should you do to be more competitive? How are macro and micro environmental factors influencing your organization? How will you react to this environment?
In this post we are…

PPT - Product Mix Decisions

Product Mix refers to the number of product lines that an organisation offers to its customers. Product line is a group of related products manufactured or marketed by a single company. Such products function in similar manner, sold to the same customer group, sold through the same type of outlets, and fall within a same price range. Product mix consists of various product lines that an organisation offers. An organisation may have just one product line in its product mix and it may also have multiple product lines. These product lines may be fairly similar or totally different, for example - Dish washing detergent liquid and Powder are two similar product lines, both are used for cleaning and based on same technology; whereas Deodorants and Laundry are totally different product lines.

PPT - Business Etiquettes

Etiquette are the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behaviour used in society, in a particular social or professional group setting. Business Etiquette is all about building relationships with people within and outside a business organization. In the business world, it is people that influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximizing your business potential.

PPT - Indian Financial System

Financial System
Financial System is a mechanism that works for investors and people who want finance. Financial system is an interaction of various intermediaries, market instruments, policy makers, and various regulations to aid the flow of savings from savers to investors and managing the proper functioning of the system.

PPT - Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Aggregate demand Aggregate demand is the total demand made by all members of the society for all goods and services. In macroeconomic analysis such aggregate demand is a function of the general level of prices. Here, the price of any individual good or the demand for it from an individual member is not under consideration. It is the demand for all goods and its dependence on the level of all prices that is being analyzed.
Aggregate supply Aggregate supply is the total quantity supplied by the producers and sellers. In the scheduled form it is presented through a range of expected quantities supplied at arbitrarily chosen prices.

Report on Free Trade Area

This is a Report on Free Trade Area, it describes - What is Free Trade Area, Free Trade Agreements, Regional Trading Groups and Emerging Markets, and Example of Free Trade Area - Considering U.S. Exports.

PPT - Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the sum of all activities that take you to a sales outlet. After that sales takes over. Marketing is all about creating a pull, sales is all about push.  Marketing is all about managing the four P’s –
Product Price Place PromotionSales is a part of marketing process, sales is the result of marketing.You cannot do without either process, business growth is possible by strategically combining both efforts.

PPT - Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation is an effective and easy way to present your words; but, while preparing your presentation it is necessary to keep in mind some important tips which are given in following PPT.

PPT - International Trade

International Trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories.

Subsystems of MIS

Question: What is MIS? Describe the Subsystems of MIS.Answer MIS - Management Information System Management information system (MIS) refers to the processing of information through computers and other intelligent devices to manage and support managerial decisions within an organization.
Definition of MIS MIS - Management Information System can be defined as "a system providing management with accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively".
Subsystems of MIS Systems may consists of numerous sub-systems, each of which has elements, interactions, and objectives. Subsystems perform specialized tasks related to the overall objectives of the total system. A system exist on more than one level and can be composed of subsystems or element parts.
Following are the subsystems of Management Information System: Transaction Processing System Manageme…

PPT - Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is in essence about building relationships with people. In the business world, it is people that influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximizing your business potential.
If you feel comfortable around someone and vice versa, better communication and mutual trust will develop. This comfort zone is realized through presenting yourself effectively. Business etiquette helps you achieve this, and eNotesMBA is here to help you develop proper Business Etiquette.

PPT - Business Etiquette
Business Etiquette - Presentation Transcript 1. Business Etiquette eNotesMba The Best References for MBA 
2. The Agenda Career Preparation Handshakes Meeting and greeting Etiquette Interviewing Etiquette Mobile/Telephone Etiquette Office Etiquette 
3. Career Preparation Why Prepare?It’s a jungle out there….. Competition is strong, and the way we present ourselves is under closer examination more than ever before. 
4. Differe…

MIS - Management Information System

Question: What is MIS? Describe objectives and characteristics of MIS. What are the Sub-systems of MIS?Answer
Introduction A System is a combination of various elements or components that are organized for a common purpose. The elements or components are interconnected or interdependent to form a system as a whole. For example: Computer System a combination of hardware, software, user, and data.
Information System is an organized system consisting of network of hardware, software, infrastructure, and trained personnel that store, compute, distribute, and communicate the information required  by all or some part of an organization.
MIS - Management Information System Management information system (MIS) refers to the processing of information through computers and other intelligent devices to manage and support managerial decisions within an organization.
Definitions of MIS MIS - Management Information System can be defined as "a system providing management with accurate and timely inf…

MBA Notes - Definition and Meaning of Marketing

Question - What is marketing? Define and explain marketing on the basis of different approaches.

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