Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream

This is the Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream, with the purpose to identify the Demand and Sales of Amul Ice-cream in the targeted ...

Manish Patidar 30 Dec, 2019

Definition of Business Economics

Define Business Economics. What do you mean by Business Economics? Economics affects daily lives of individuals, households, organiza...

Manish Patidar 30 Dec, 2019

Study of Production Planning and Control System

Project Title: Study of  Production Planning and Control System in Eicher Tractors, Mandideep Abstract : The project has been develo...

Manish Patidar 29 Dec, 2019

PPT - Indian Financial System

Financial System Financial System is a mechanism that works for investors and people who want finance. Financial system is an interaction ...

Manish Patidar 25 Dec, 2019

Steps in the Process of International Marketing

Question – Define International Marketing. Explain the steps involved in the process of international marketing.

Manish Patidar 24 Dec, 2019

Nature and Scope of Human Resource Management

Question – Discuss the nature and scope of Human Resource Management. Answer Introduction to Human Resource Management Human Res...

Manish Patidar 21 Dec, 2019

Product Mix Decisions

Product Mix refers to the number of product lines that an organisation offers to its customers. Product line is a group of related prod...

Manish Patidar 16 Dec, 2019

Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the sum of all activities that take you to a sales outlet. After that sales takes over. Marketing is all about creating a pu...

Manish Patidar 16 Dec, 2019

MBA Notes - Media Planning Process

Question - Define media planning, also explain steps in development of media plan. Answer The word Media came from the Latin word &...

Manish Patidar 4 Oct, 2019