Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream

This is the Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream, with the purpose to identify the Demand and Sales of Amul Ice-cream in the targeted locations, to identify the most popular variants of Amul Ice-cream in the targeted locations, and to identify the best location in terms of demand of Amul Ice-cream.

Document - Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-cream

Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream : Presentation Transcript

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  3. Introduction of Amul Ice-cream. Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10th March, 1996 in Gujarat. The portfolio consisted of impulse products like sticks, cones, cups as well as take home packs and institutional/catering packs. Amul ice cream was launched on the platform of ‘Real Milk. Real Ice Cream’ given that it is a milk company and the wholesomeness of its products gives it a competitive advantage.

    In 1997, Amul ice creams entered Mumbai followed by Chennai in 1998 and Kolkata and Delhi in 2002. Nationally it was rolled out across the country in 1999.

    It has combated competition like Walls, Mother Dairy and achieved the No 1 position in the country. This position was achieved in 2001 and it has continued to remain at the top.

    Today the market share of Amul ice cream is 38% share against the 9% market share of HLL, thus making it 4 times larger than its closest competitor.

    Not only has it grown at a phenomenal rate but has added a vast variety of flavours to its ever growing range. Currently it offers a selection of 220 products. Amul has always brought newness in its products and the same applies for ice creams.

    In January 2007, Amul introduced SUGAR FREE & ProLife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream, which was a first in India. This range of SUGAR FREE, LOW FAT Diabetic Delight & ProLife Probiotic Wellness Ice Cream is created for the health conscious.

    Amul’s entry into ice creams is regarded as successful due to the large market share it was able to capture within a short period of time – due to price differential, quality of products and of course the brand name.
  4. Questionnaire Analysis
  5. Interpretation. The following are the learning which I has learnt while analyzing the questionnaires. They are:

    In Amul ice creams, mostly family packs are sold whereas Sundaes are least sold because of other alternatives.

    Amul is not having such range in bakery products so only ice creams of it are sold often.

    Most of the outlet owners keep 5-7 variants of ice creams of Amul.

    The most selling product of Amul is ice creams as they have many ranges from low range to premium ones.

    Sales where analyzed mostly in the months of November, December, March and April. The opinion of parents is changing now they are allowing their children to have ice creams in winters too and in that month they have good demand. When I has done comparison with location to turnover, it has been found out that in the area of Govindpura the demand of ice cream is low as it is an industrial location whereas in the area of Kilol park there is tough competition with Top n Town ice cream parlour but there also sales is high and owner has turnover of Rs 26000 to 50000 per month. Same as in the case of peer gate area.
  6. Questionnaire. Guidelines for filling the forms

    1. Please check the box wherever required.
    2. Only 1 check per question.

    Q 1: Name: ………………..

    Q 2: Shop’s Name: ………………..

    Q 3: Location: ………………..

    Q 4: Turnover
    Rs. 10000-25000

    Rs. 26000-50000

    Rs. 51000-75000

    Rs. 76000 and above

    Q 5: Product category:

    a) Ice Cream
    Family Pack




    b) Bakery


    Number of Variants

    Q 6: Which is the most selling product?


    Q 7: In which months you have highest demand?












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