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Green Marketing

Question - Define the term Green Marketing; and explain why green marketing is important?Answer Introduction to Green Marketing The negative impact of human activities over environment is a matter of concern today. Governments all over the world making efforts to minimize human impact on environment. Today our society is more concerned with the natural environment. Understanding the society's new concerns businesses have begun to modify their behaviour and have integrated environmental issues into organizational activities. Academic disciplines have integrated green issues in their literature. This is true with marketing subject too, and the terms like "Green Marketing" and "Environmental Marketing are included in syllabus. Governments all over the world have become so concerned about green marketing that they have attempted to regulate them.

Definition and Meaning of Green Marketing Definition according to American Marketing Association - "Green marketing is the…

Introduction to Business Economics

Business Economics - Introduction, Meaning, Definition, and Characteristics. An Introduction to EconomicsEconomics affects daily lives of individuals, households, organizations, industries, and nations. Everytime you make decisions like - what to purchase, how much to purchase, how much to save, where to invest, or anything related to best use of your hard-earned salary; you make an economic decision. Everyone wants to get rich, increase their wealth, hold over productive resources, earn more and more profit, raise their standard of living, and make their future secure. Attainment of all this requires proper understanding of economic issues. Therefore, it is important to understand some of the simple economic factors have a bearing on our daily life.
What is Economics? The word Economics originates from the Greek word "Oikonomikos" which can be divided into two parts - "Oikos" which means House, and "Nomos" which means Management. Thus, economics means hou…

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