Introduction to Production and Operations Management

Question : Introduce and define the terms - Production management and Operations Management. Also summarise the historical development of Pr...

Manish Patidar 30 Dec, 2020

Marketing Research

Question - What is Marketing Research? Describe the process of Marketing Research. Answer Introduction Today, the competition i...

Manish Patidar 25 Dec, 2020

Marketing Notes - Marketing Planning

Question - What do you mean by marketing planning?

Manish Patidar 25 Dec, 2020

Introduction to Business Economics

Business Economics - Introduction, Meaning, Definition, and Characteristics. Introduction to Economics Economics affects daily lives...

Manish Patidar 25 Dec, 2020

Green Marketing

Question - Define the term Green Marketing; and explain why green marketing is important? Answer Introduction to Green Marketing ...

Manish Patidar 17 Jan, 2020