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MBA Notes - Advertisement Evaluation Techniques.

Question - Write a note on advertisement evaluation techniques. Explain Pre -Testing, Concurrent Testing, and Post Testing. Answer In today's advertising world, every firm invests heavily on advertisement for making their products or services known to the target audience and to arouse the interest of  target audience in firm's products or services. Advertising is done with some predefined objectives- to generate awareness about product, to arouse interest in product, to change the attitude of audience towards product, to stimulate desire for product, or to make them buy the product.  Advertising is of no use if the defined objectives of communication is not achieved. So, it is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement at different level, starting from creation of ad-copy to running of ad on media, and also after execution of ad to know to what extent the objectives are achieved. Types of Test Following are the types of test applied in advertis

Role of Advertising in Marketing and Process of Advertising

Question - Explain the role of advertising in marketing communications. Also describe the steps in the process of advertising.

MBA Notes - Advertising Appeals

Question - What is Advertising Appeal? Describe different types of advertising appeal.

Differences between International Marketing and Domestic Marketing

Question – Define International Marketing, Domestic Marketing, Global Marketing, and Foreign Marketing. How international marketing is different from domestic marketing? Answer Introduction Today, the marketing organizations are not restricted to their national borders. The entire world is open for them. New markets are springing forth in emerging economies like – China, Indonesia, India, Korea, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and many other economies all over the world. In today’s global market opportunities are on a par with the expansion of economies, with the increasing purchasing power, and with the changing consumer taste and preferences.  The economic, social, and political changes affect the practise of business worldwide, the business organizations have to remain flexible enough to react rapidly to changing global trends to be competitive. The objective of this post is to make you understand the terms - International Marketing, Domestic Marketing, Global Ma