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Marketing Challenges

Question - What are the marketing challenges that business organizations are facing today? Can you suggest ways to overcome these challenges?

MBA Subject Notes - Advertising Management

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Marketing Notes - Marketing Planning

Question - What do you mean by marketing planning?

Marketing Notes - The Marketing Mix

Question - Define the term marketing mix. Explain structure of marketing mix and its elements. Answer The Marketing Mix
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Introduction to Marketing MixDefinition of Marketing MixMeaning of Marketing Mix4P's - Producer-oriented Model4C's - Consumer-oriented Model
Introduction to Marketing Mix Marketing is the process of identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customers' requirements with the purpose to make profits. In this process marketing managers and marketing representatives have to take various marketing decisions to make the operations profitable. They have to decide what combination of marketing policies and procedures be adopted to bring about desired behaviour of trade and consumers at minimum cost. They have to decide how can advertising, personal selling, pricing, packaging, channels, warehousing, and the other elements of marketing be manipulated and mixed to make marketing operations profitable. More specifically, they have to decide a…

MBA Notes - Marketing Planning Process

Question - Define the term 'marketing planning'. Outline the steps involved in marketing planning process.

Marketing Notes - Defining Competitive Strategy

Question - What do you mean by competitive strategy? Explain Porter's Generic Strategies Model to define Competitive Strategy.

Marketing Notes - Identifying and Analysing Competitors

Question - What do you mean by the term 'competitors' in marketing? How to identify key competitors in marketing, and how to analyze them?

MBA Notes - Marketing Competitiveness

Question - What do you mean by marketing competitiveness? How the marketing competitiveness can be improved?

Marketing Notes - Customer Value Concept

Question - What do you mean by the concept of customer value?

Marketing Notes - Alliance Marketing Concept

Question - What do you mean by the term 'Alliance Marketing'?

MBA Notes - Nature of Services

Question - What do you mean by Service Marketing? Discuss the Nature of Services.Answer
What is Service Marketing? A Service is an economic activity, that is intangible or not be touched, not be stored, and not be owned. Postal service Delivering mail is a Service, and the use of expertise like person visiting a doctor is also a service. A service is consumed at the point of sale and does not result ownership.
A product is material or tangible in nature, can be touched, can be stored, and a product can also be owned, but it is not so in case of a service. Nature of Service
1. Lack of Ownership One cannot own or store a service as it can be done in case of a product. Service is consumed at the point of sale and does not result ownership. Services are used or hired for a period of time. For example buying a movie ticket the service lasts for two or three hours, but customer want and expect complete entertainment and excellent service for that time period.

2. Intangible Services are intangib…

MBA Notes - Regulation of Advertising

Question- What do you mean by advertising regulation? Also write a note on advertising self-regulation.

MBA Notes - Ethics and Social Responsibilities in Advertising

Question - Why is ethics and social responsibilities are important in advertising?

MBA Notes - Marketing Organisations

Question - What do you mean by marketing organization? Explain different types of marketing organizations.

MBA Notes - Advertising Budget and Control

Question - What do you mean by advertising budget and control?

Email Etiquette for Professionals

Introduction The high speed Internet, the high technology gadgets like smart-phones, and the advent of social media made the communication easy and fast. Voice calling, video calling, text messaging, and instant messaging become easy, fast, and convenient. Even after these advancements in communication tools, email is still the most preferred mode of communication in today’s professional realm. 
Email is the most preferred form of communication in today’s workplace. Throughout the day professionals spend their most of the time in composing and answering emails. But, many professionals don’t understand the importance of email communication. They reply to the mails late or never, or unprofessionally.

MBA Notes - Marketing Environment

Question - What do you mean by marketing and marketing environment?

Recognition, Recall, and Persuasion

Recognition and Recall are the terms that are heavily used by advertisers in advertising measurement, more specifically in copy testing techniques. Both recognition and recall are

MBA Notes - Advertisement Evaluation Techniques.

Question - Write a note on advertisement evaluation techniques. Explain Pre-Testing, Concurrent Testing, and Post Testing.

MBA Notes - Advertising Budget Decisions

Question - What is Advertising Budget? Discuss approaches and procedure for determining the size of advertising budget.

MBA Notes - Media Characteristics

Question - What is Media? What are Media Characteristics?

MBA Notes - Advertising as Mass Communication and Communication Mix

Question - Elaborate the statement "Advertising is a form of mass communication", and describe the elements of marketing communication mix.

MBA Notes - Types of modern Advertising Agency

Question - Explain advertising agency, and what are the different types of advertising agencies?

MBA Notes - Functions and Classifications of Advertising

Question - What is advertising? Explain in detail the functions and classifications of advertising.

MBA Notes - Media Planning Process

Question - Define media planning, also explain steps in development of media plan.

MBA Notes - AIDA Concept

Question - Discuss the AIDA Concept? How it is related to promotional mix?Answer AIDA Model is a selling concept presented by Elmo Lewis to explain how personal selling works. AIDA Model outlines the processes for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message. The Stages are Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.
Attention In this media filled world, advertisers need to be quick and direct to grab audience attention. Ads are required to be eye catchy which can make audience stop and read or watch what advertiser have to say next. Powerful words and pictures are used in ads to make them attractive.
Interest After getting attention of a chunk of the targeted audience, it is required to keep them engaged with the ad to make them understand the message in more detail. Gaining the reader's or audience interest is more difficult process than grabbing their attention. To gain audience interest the advertisers must stay focused on audience needs.

MBA Notes - Definition and Objectives of Advertising

Question - What is advertising, define advertising, and state its objectives?

MBA Notes - Selection of Advertising Agency

Question - What are the different aspects an advertiser should consider while selecting an advertising agency?

MBA Notes - Advertising Agency and its Functions

Question - What is Advertising Agency? Describe functions of advertising agency.

MBA Notes - Nature and Scope of International Marketing

Question – Define International Marketing. Explain nature and scope of International Marketing.

MBA Notes - Nature and Scope of Marketing Management

Question- What do you mean by marketing management? Explain nature and scope of marketing management.

MBA Notes - DAGMAR Model

Question - What is DAGMAR Model? Explain communication process in DAGMAR approach.

MBA Notes - Service Marketing and Service Marketing Mix

Question - What do you mean by Service Marketing? Discuss Nature of Services, and Service Marketing Mix
Answer Service Marketing
What is Service Marketing? A Service is an economic activity, that is intangible or not be touched, not be stored, and not be owned. Postal service Delivering mail is a Service, and the use of expertise like person visiting a doctor is also a service. A service is consumed at the point of sale and does not result ownership.

MBA Notes - Introduction to Advertising

Question - “Advertising is a nonpersonal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media." Explain.

MBA Notes - Advertising Appeals

Question - What is Advertising Appeal? Describe different types of advertising appeal.

Project - Study of Production Planning and Control System

Project Title: Production Planning and Control in Eicher Tractors, Mandideep

Abstract: The project has been developed to identify the need and importance of PPC i.e. Production Planning and Control in manufacturing industry. Production planning is done with the objective of coordination of materials with suppliers, efficient utilization of people and machines, efficient flow of materials, and communication with customers.

Report on Free Trade Area

This is a Report on Free Trade Area, it describes - What is Free Trade Area, Free Trade Agreements, Regional Trading Groups and Emerging Markets, and Example of Free Trade Area - Considering U.S. Exports.

Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream

This is the Questionnaire Analysis of Amul Ice-Cream, with the purpose to identify the Demand and Sales of Amul Ice-cream in the targeted locations, to identify the most popular variants of Amul Ice-cream in the targeted locations, and to identify the best location in terms of demand of Amul Ice-cream.

Free Trade Area

What is Free Trade Area? A free-trade area (FTA) is a trade bloc whose member countries have signed a free-trade agreement (FTA), which eliminates tariffs, import quotas, and preferences on most (if not all) goods and services traded between them. If people are also free to move between the countries, in addition to FTA, it would also be considered an open border. It can be considered the second stage of economic integration. Countries choose this kind of economic integration if their economical structures are complementary. If their economical structures are competitive, they are more likely to form a customs union.

Changes in International Marketing Environment

"The only constant is change". You'll hear this statement throughout your business career. Your success will depend on how better you understand the changes taken place and forecast the changes to be taken place.
International Marketing Environment is changing constantly. The better you understand the changing marketing environment and its effects, the better you can develop effective marketing programs.
International Marketing Environment is the combination of various factors external to an organisation that can affect the international marketing decisions of the organisation in international market. These factors are largely uncontrollable, although marketers can influence some of them. For example, you cannot control population trends, economic conditions, or laws once passed, but you can have some influence on relations with stakeholders, technological developments, and competitive situations.
International Marketing Factors are related to the world economy. The main …

PPT - Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is in essence about building relationships with people. In the business world, it is people that influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximizing your business potential.
If you feel comfortable around someone and vice versa, better communication and mutual trust will develop. This comfort zone is realized through presenting yourself effectively. Business etiquette helps you achieve this, and eNotesMBA is here to help you develop proper Business Etiquette.

PPT - Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette - Presentation Transcript 1. Business Etiquette eNotesMba The Best References for MBA 
2. The Agenda Career Preparation Handshakes Meeting and greeting Etiquette Interviewing Etiquette Mobile/Telephone Etiquette Office Etiquette 
3. Career Preparation Why Prepare?It’s a jungle out there….. Competition is strong, and the way we present ourselves is under closer examination more than ever before. 
4. Differe…

PPT - Business Etiquettes

Etiquette are the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behaviour used in society, in a particular social or professional group setting. Business Etiquette is all about building relationships with people within and outside a business organization. In the business world, it is people that influence your success or failure. Etiquette, and in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximizing your business potential.

PPT - Indian Financial System

Financial System
Financial System is a mechanism that works for investors and people who want finance. Financial system is an interaction of various intermediaries, market instruments, policy makers, and various regulations to aid the flow of savings from savers to investors and managing the proper functioning of the system.

MBA Notes - Marketing Process

Question - What is marketing process? Explain the steps in marketing process.

PPT - Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Aggregate demand Aggregate demand is the total demand made by all members of the society for all goods and services. In macroeconomic analysis such aggregate demand is a function of the general level of prices. Here, the price of any individual good or the demand for it from an individual member is not under consideration. It is the demand for all goods and its dependence on the level of all prices that is being analyzed.
Aggregate supply Aggregate supply is the total quantity supplied by the producers and sellers. In the scheduled form it is presented through a range of expected quantities supplied at arbitrarily chosen prices.

PPT - International Trade

International Trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories.

Project Report - A Study of Performance of Mutual Fund Schemes

Objective of  working on this project is to analyze the Past Performance of the various Mutual Funds Schemes on the basis of their Historical NAV’s and application of statistical tools on the same. This helps in understanding the performance of mutual fund schemes in terms of both risk as well as return involved.

PPT - Making Good PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentation is an effective and easy way to present your words; but, while preparing your presentation it is necessary to keep in mind some important tips which are given in following PPT.

PPT - Marketing and Sales

Marketing is the sum of all activities that take you to a sales outlet. After that sales takes over. Marketing is all about creating a pull, sales is all about push.  Marketing is all about managing the four P’s –
product price place promotionSales is a part of marketing process, sales is the result of marketing.You cannot do without either process, business growth is possible by strategically combining both efforts.